Andreas Eiserbeck was born in 1960 in Hildesheim. Ten years later he moved to Munich, where he began his career as a freelance artist while he was 31 years old. Three years later, his first exhibition followed in his own place of residence. A year later he issued an exhibition in the City Cinema/studio in Munich. He spent the year 1996 studying in Paris. Between 1997 and 1998 he devoted himself to private studies, and took a studio project for some live drawings and also worked with Josef Husak. Further he issued his works in the Olympic Tower in Munich.

In the end of 1999, Eiserbeck opened his own studio, where all the pictures and drawings were shown. In 2000, he displayed the exhibition "Art in Geriatrics" in Augsburg (carried out by the Hessingstiftung). Some of his works were also exhibited in the City Library in Munich. A year later he set up the studio in Île d’Oléron. In 2002, two exhibitions followed in Munich, one in his studio, and one in a medical center of the MAC at the airport. In 2003, he showed some works in Wolnzach City Hall. A year later his first catalog was published and one year later he took part in Glockenbach showcase. In 2006, he had an exhibition in Die Bank in Munich. In 2007, he devoted himself to studying in Paris and also arranged a whole exhibit of his works in his own studio. A year later, for the first half of the year he stayed in Martinique, France and became also a member of the Taylor Foundation.

In 2009 he attended the Marché Art Contemporain le Marin Martinique. In 2010 Andreas Eiserbeck showed some of his works in France (Atrium FdF, Martinique; La Villa Créole, Martinique), as well as in Colombia (VII Bienal International de Arte Suba, Bogotá; Universidade de Ciencias Aplicadas y Ambientales U.D.C.A. Bogotá) or also in Cuba (Casa Museo Simon Bolivar, La Habana Vieja; Galeria Oriente, Santiago de Cuba; Galerie de la Union Nacional de Escritores y Artistas de Cuba U.N.E.A.C. Santiago de Cuba).

Wilken Wehrt